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The details are still to be worked out, and the offer is contingent on my references checking out–the calls have been scheduled for today–but I was offered the job. Assuming the formal offer letter comes by the end of the week, and I accept, we’ll likely be heading to San Francisco around mid-June. My new boss-to-be agreed that June 1 was an unrealistic expectation on several counts, but my counter-proposal of July 10, after the Independence Day holiday week, also was rejected since he’ll be away at conferences for two weeks beginning the 7th. So the compromise position seems to be for me to start sometime the middle of June, and then come back to Arlington for a couple of weeks sometime in July to tie up loose ends with the move and the condo, if necessary.

I’ll post more information once the formal offer has been extended. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind; my first contact from the organization was via email on April 17. The phone interview was scheduled for Friday the 21st, at the end of which I was told they wanted me to come out for an in-person series of interviews. The London trip intervened, from April 25 through May 2 but as noted previously I had made plans to fly out to California almost immediately upon our return, and was there on May 4 for the interviews on May 5. About ten minutes after the panel interview ended at 12:30, I was offered the job.

I just got back from San Francisco late Sunday night, which is why I have yet to publish any entries about or photos from London or California. They’re coming, I promise.

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  1. You’re hired

    I was being coy in my previous entry and didn’t reveal the results of Thom’s job interview in San Francisco last Friday, but I thought I’d let him blog the news first: he was offered the job on the spot!…

  2. Congratulations… and damn you! I’ve been here for a year as of tomorrow, and still no job offers. How did you do it?
    Still, nice to have a couple more people in the area that I know!

  3. Awesome! I am looking forward to seeing you guys this summer in the Bay Area.

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