job update

My references were contacted on Tuesday, and on Wednesday we tentatively set a start date of June 26th for the new job, on the assumption that the formal offer would come by the end of this week. My plan, then, was to work through June 9, have a moving company pick up our stuff the following Monday, spend the rest of that week having the condo cleaned, repainted and recarpeted, and then drive out to California the week after, arriving just a couple of days before the 26th.

Today I found out that some red tape has delayed the formal offer a bit, probably until May 22nd, but unless that offer is significantly short of my expectations and prior discussions, I still hope to keep to that plan. My boss already knows that I was leaning towards the 9th as my end date at FSI, and even if I wait until the 22nd to give “official” notice, that still leaves three weeks until the 9th.