here’s to the laddies who brunch

Sunday afternoon Jeff and I will again have Easter brunch at David Greggory, the third in a trend that started our first Easter together in 2004 (we’d begun dating the summer of 2003) and continued last March. The menu for Easter brunch hasn’t changed much in three years (with the sad exception of the disappearance of the bison between 2003 and 2004), but with three kinds of bacon, an incredible polenta with mascarpone cheese, and a gorgeous selection of desserts among the buffet options, I’m definitely not complaining.

We’ll have a full review afterwards, I’m sure.

One thought on “here’s to the laddies who brunch

  1. Easter

    Yesterday Thom and I had brunch at David Greggory, which has become sort of an Easter tradition for us, three years running. It was a great meal (three kinds of bacon!), and they had the polenta that Thom loves so…

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