virginia: the cradle cap of democracy

The Washington Post reports that Democratic Virginia Governor Timothy M. Kaine is urging Virginia voters to reject a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

Woo-hoo, right? Hold on just a second. Lest you think Beelzebub is about to have to pull on his mittens and scarf, the article goes on to note that the Governor actually is against same-sex marriage. But this bill, you see, wouldn’t just hurt nasty, icky homosexuals. No, it might threaten benefits for some unmarried heterosexuals, too. So, on that basis, he opposes it:

Kaine said that the amendment, which received final approval from the General Assembly this winter, was too vague because it reads in part that the Virginia Constitution should not recognize “another union, partnership, or other legal status to which is assigned the rights, benefits, obligations, qualities, or effects of marriage.”

He said this wording could adversely affect unmarried heterosexual couples… .

Kaine added that he believes that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Oh, boo hoo. Maybe this is looking the gift horse in the mouth, a little, but honestly I’d rather see him support the measure outright than oppose it only because it might hurt straight people. Ostensibly, if it were more narrowly written to attack gay folk only, he’d have no problem with it.

When this is what passes for a Democrat in this state, is it any wonder that Jeff and I want to leave?