a lack of style

The past few days I’ve been really diligent about taking care of data on my hard drive, backing it up, defragmenting, etc. Tonight I was working on my blog’s stylesheet and, due to the flaky way Firefox (which I otherwise love) seems to handle long content in forms when switching tabs (if I have content in a form in one tab and then switch focus to another tab, when I come back to the first tab the form no longer has all the original content; if I save at that point without reloading the original template, I overwrite the correct version with an incomplete file), I overwrote my stylesheet with a file that had less than half the code it originally included. Unfortunately, unlike the information on my hard drive, I hadn’t yet backed up the newest version of the blog.

So my site looked like crap, and I was in a panicky funk, not even knowing where to begin to recreate my changes to the original stylesheet from scratch. Luckily for me, though, Jeff had my site up on his Mac, and when he pulled up the stylesheet, he got a cached copy of the old stylesheet rather than the bad two-thirds empty one, so he emailed me a copy and saved the day.

I immediately made a copy of the stylesheet and backed it up.

P.S. I love my boyfriend.

One thought on “a lack of style

  1. Yeah, FF can be annoying. I can think of a few times (recently, too) where I was writing a post in FF using MT and I’d switch the focus to another tag to c+p something and come back to MT and it be gone.
    Overall, though, FF is the way to go.

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