now i can’t get the hot fudge out of my mind

On the way home from work today, I stopped by the Safeway across the street to pick up some catfood and Diet Dr. Pepper. As I was checking out, a very cute guy joined the express lane next to mine, carrying only a jar of hot fudge. Another clerk came and opened a new lane, and I moved over to it; a few seconds later, he appeared behind me in that lane. He definitely pinged my gaydar, but I was concentrating so on completing my transaction and getting out of the store that I didn’t think to smile or say hi.

When I got to the car a few minutes later, the car parked next to mine, which hadn’t been there when I arrived, had two rainbow stickers and an HRC sticker. Not necessarily his, of course, but the parking lot and the store both were pretty empty, so I think the odds were pretty good.

If I were Faustus, I’d be covered in chocolate syrup right now rather than sitting here alone posting this entry.

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