wham bam, thank you spam

As though it weren’t bad enough that easily one-half to two-thirds or more of the email I receive is spam, in the past week some spammer has used one of my email addresses as the alleged sender and reply-to addresses for a couple of series of spam mailings, so my mailbox has been flooded with undeliverable messages; today this occurred again. I sent a message to my email provider after the first incident last week letting them know, because I was concerned that people might start making (unfounded) complaints that I was spamming them; I’ve heard stories of ISPs cutting off email accounts of accused spammers without attempting to resolve the situation. An examination of the headers shows that the emails didn’t actually come from my mail server, but I don’t trust my email provider to take the care necessary to confirm that. And, sadly, but much as I expected, their response didn’t hearten me, given that they completely misunderstood my message, interpreting it oppositely as a complaint that I had been spammed by one of their users and letting me know where to report it.

2 thoughts on “wham bam, thank you spam

  1. Same thing happened to me a few months ago – a storm of undeliverable messages purportedly sent from my email address. I was worried for the same reason you were and contacted my ISP, too. They seemed to think that it was a virus, not on my computer, but on someone’s who had my email in the address book. After a month or so, the messages stopped as suddenly as they had begun… Odd. (P. S. A colleague of mine just ordered a Mini Cooper this weekend. She probably won’t actually get it until OCTOBER!)

  2. Yes, the delay in receiving the MINI is the reason I want to go ahead and test drive one; if I decide that’s what I want, I need to get an order in soon. The problem is that I won’t be able to see the new Prius until the fall, though. And to complicate things even more, MINI is rumored to be releasing a ragtop Cooper sometime in 2004. Decisions, decisions.

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