home alone

I stayed home from work today. I was feeling a little sick last night, and then had slept really very poorly, so I was exhausted this morning when the alarm went off. I thought that if I got a couple of hours of extra sleep, I might feel up to going in around noon or so, and at least work half a day, but I didn’t even end up waking back up until after 1:00, so I went ahead and called it a day.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel that I got anything accomplished around here, either, besides a fair amount of reading (the pleasure reading while eating my late lunch was nice, but checking all of my preferred news resources just continues to depress me. I’m back in one of my “I want to live in Amsterdam or Canada” moods again). By the time 5:00 rolled around and I realized I’d have been coming home at that point anyway, the day felt like it had been practically a waste. And, although the extra rest probably was good for me, it’s only 8:00 now and I’m already feeling exhausted again, and despite being home all day this is the first posting I’ve made to the journal today.