but siriusly, folks

A couple of weeks ago, Jeff made an off-hand reference to Sirius satellite radio, specifically their 24/7 gay programming stream, OutQ.

So over the past few days, I’ve been listening to OutQ via the Internet stream from Sirius’s web site. I like the idea, and really wanted to like the programming, but I’ve been pretty lukewarm on the execution and content of the all-talk format.

I certainly don’t think of myself as at all prudish, and I don’t mind the frank discussion of sex on the Derek & Romaine show (in fact, I find it very refreshing), for example, but I am frustrated by the almost single-mindedness of that show’s focus on sex; the frequent posturing of the hosts and some callers; what seems to me a bias towards casual sex and lots of it, and toward those with strong libidos over those whose sex drives are less strong; and a 20-something POV that occasionally seems to be surprised that those of us much over 30 even exist or have anything of value to contribute. Last night, I started to get so angry listening to it–and as it seems meant to be entertaining and fun, rather than particularly thought- or emotion-provoking, I finally realized it would be best for me just to turn it off and listen to something else.

I recognize that what I perceive as biases, though, may very well be just from the way the show sometimes has pushed some of my particular buttons–sour grapes, perhaps.

3 thoughts on “but siriusly, folks

  1. I debated between Sirius and XM for a long time when I was thinking about satellite radio. I often wondered if I should have gone with Sirius for its gay programming. Nevertheless, I love my XM. I use it everyday.

  2. Well, take my comments for what they’re worth. Your experience and opinion, especially as someone more likely within their target demographic, might be different. Since Sirius streams OutQ over the web, you might as well give it a listen, and see what you think. I just keep thinking that I could do a much better job as a radio host than the ones they’ve got. 🙂
    I’d just so much rather hear a queer version of “This American Life,” or “All Things Considered,” or even “Whaddya Know?” or “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” than yet another cookie-cutter talk radio program. Maybe we should pitch them some ideas…

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