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tiki king sandals

tiki king sandals

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Ok, I’m a bit of a shoe queen. It’s almost an Imelda Marcos kind of love. Over the past couple of years, though, I’ve begun exercising some self-control. No, I haven’t stopped buying shoes–there’s no call for extremism–but I do have a commitment with myself that whenever I buy a new pair I’ll get rid of an old pair.

Today was the first day of double points at DSW. Of course we had to stop in; after all, we were in the neighborhood anyway (haircut, lunch, grocery shopping). I also had a $10 coupon because of my previous purchases, from when the branch opened earlier this summer at the Westlake Shopping Center in our neighborhood.

I’ve been looking for something to wear around the house; my fleece slippers had gotten dirty and very worn, and hadn’t survived an attempted cleaning very well. In the meantime, I’ve been wearing a pair of Jeff’s dad’s flip-flops, but they’re a full size too small.

So I was excited to find, in the DSW clearance room for 30% off (even before using my coupon), a single pair of Margaritaville sandals with a sueded insole. Amazingly, they were my size. And even more amazing, the style is called “Tiki King,” and features little tiki gods embossed on the leather strap. These sandals clearly were meant for me. And they’re extremely comfortable (I’m wearing them now).

So I came home and pulled from under the bed a pair of Steve Maddens whose stitching and decoration had become undone. Goodbye, old shoes. Hello, new.