shades of alex

kitten at peninsula humane society

shades of alex

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Today we spent about an hour at the Peninsula Humane Society shelter in San Mateo, scoping out the kitties. It’s been about three-and-a-half months since Alex was lost, and he still hasn’t been found or returned to us, and Jeff and I have decided that it’s time to bring a new cat (or two) back into the house.

The problem, though, is how in the world to choose. We saw two cats today I absolutely fell in love with. Three-month-old Nicolasa, pictured here, even looks like a tiny, female version of Alex. She was so sweet, gentle and calm.

Then there was two-month-old “Doc Brown”, who, on the other hand, was anything but calm. He leapt and climbed all over his cage–and his patient, snoozing mother–batting at me with his funnily oversized kitten paws (fortunately, his kitten-sized claws didn’t break the skin). He had such an amazing personality, and a striking coloration and interesting spots and spiral patterns in his gray fur.

Then there was the adorable batch of littermates named for Disney characters–Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy–and another adorable, teeny-tiny little puffball, so many cats and kittens in need of safe, loving homes.

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  1. It is so hard to choose – I know every time I volunteer at an adoption event I want to take a few home.
    You might want to ask the volunteers if there are any kitties they have had particularly long. For some reason the sweetest kitties get overlooked sometimes. I think it is because the very nature of the adoption situation is not comfortable to them. The rescue I work with fosters all the cats in homes, none live in cages. So we get to know them well, and I have to say some of the sweetest and loving cats don’t act that way in a large group because they are afraid. So ask the volunteers, they’ll be happy to help you pick out a kitty or two (and believe me if you help a pair stay together you’ll make a volunteer’s day) and they may even know if there are is a particular pair that like to be together.
    Oh and post lots of pictures of your new friends when you bring them home 🙂

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