updating the blog

Jeff beat me to the announcement about having updated to the new 4.0 version of Movable Type as a blogging platform. In fact, I actually updated my blog to the first release candidate of the new version even before he updated Rebel Prince. To be fair, though, my having beat him to the punch this time was purely an accidental consequence of finally deciding to revisit the blog after not really having posted (independent of my del.icio.us and flickr posts) since last fall, and having missed several incremental version changes in the interim.

Many of the biggest changes are behind the scenes, but (for those few of you who actually visit the blog on the web as opposed to subscribing to the RSS or email feeds) clearly there’s a new look; this is one of the built-in, adopted-from-Vox templates, and over time I’ll try to personalize it if not swap it out for something of my own design. There’s also obviously a new name–I never really liked the “light refresh-mints” title I adopted after I scrapped the original elfwood, elf-reflection framework; I’ll detail the significance of the new name in a future post–and now resides primarily at the thomwatson.com domain (though elfintech.com will continue to point here as well).

And probably most apparent (though that assumes there’s still anyone subscribed or visiting after my last long hiatus), I’m writing again (no promises, though). I’ll post some catch-up entries about what’s been going on since last fall.