continental breakfast … and dinner, and snack…

We’re all packed, and we’re both pretty proud of how relatively lightly: we both have empty space in our luggage this time around, and I even had room to include an extra (folded up) carry-on inside my suitcase, for bringing back souvenirs if we need the extra space. As Jeff pointed out, we’ll have plenty of overhead space, since we’ll be in Continental’s “Business First” class, with just our two seats on our side of the aisle.

Speaking of Business First class, I was just looking again at the airplane plans, and noticed that we have four lavatories for just the 48 seats, for a 12:1 person to lavatory ratio; in Economy the ratio is 39:1, with 235 seats sharing just six lavatories, several of which look to be only half the size of the ones in Business First.

And we’ll need that ratio, because here’s how we’ll be pigging out in Business First on their “newly designed china”:

Warm roasted nuts
served with your preferred cocktail or beverage
Smoked salmon with cream cheese and caviar,
accompanied by creamed horseradish
Foie gras with truffles garnished with red grapes and oranges
Mesclun salad mix with English cucumbers,
red onion rings, Roma tomatoes and a Kalamata olive
Offered with your choice of Champagne vinaigrette
or blue cheese dressing
Ciabatta bread, multi-grain and pretzel breadsticks
and assorted rolls with butter
The Chef’s Selection
Sterling Silverª grilled rib-eye steak seasoned with pepper,
accented by red wine sauce with chanterelle mushrooms
White cheddar cheese mashed potatoes with chives
Grilled green asparagus spears
Surf and Turf
Grilled shrimp and Sterling Silverª tenderloin of beef
complemented by Cajun Hollandaise sauce
Sautéed baby spinach with garlic, onion and salsify
Oven-roasted carrots, jícama and turnips
Tandoori Breast of Chicken
Enhanced by tomato cream sauce,
offered with curried chickpeas, basmati rice with raisins
and peas in a savory cheese sauce
Cucumber and mint flavored yogurt  Sweet lemon pickles
Pasta Bowl
Pasta shells filled with sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese,
complemented by spicy eggplant arrabbiata sauce,
tossed with sautéed baby spinach
Freshly grated Parmesan cheese will be offered with your pasta
Fresh steamed asparagus is available upon request
to accompany any entree
Select American and imported cheeses
accompanied by fresh seasonal fruit,
assorted gourmet crackers and bread,
served with Port wine
Featuring Edy’s Classic Grand vanilla ice cream
offered with your choice of toppings
or warm fruit cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream
Fresh Brew® gourmet roasted
regular and decaffeinated coffee
made exclusively for Continental Airlines
Tea with your choice of milk or lemon
Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed
Emilio Caffè Italian Espresso or Cappuccino
available exclusively in BusinessFirst
on our 777 and 767 aircraft.
Will be offered prior to arrival
A selection of juices
Fresh seasonal fruit
Assorted breads
including cinnamon and crusty rolls and warm croissants
with butter and strawberry preserves
Fresh Brew® gourmet roasted regular and decaffeinated coffee
made exclusively for Continental Airlines
Tea with your choice of milk or lemon

And that’s after the complimentary snacks and bar in the lounge before the flight. That extra space in my luggage might end up being needed for the larger waisted trousers I’ll have to buy once we arrive.

By the way, if you’re really curious, you can check out the menu for our return flight, information about our seat, which reclines 170°, and the amenities in the pre-flight lounge.

Ok, ok, but we deserve this trip and to be pampered a bit en route; it’s our first week-long vacation in the three years we’ve been together, and my first in the four years I’ve worked for the State Department.

4 thoughts on “continental breakfast … and dinner, and snack…

  1. Woohoo! Very tasty. It’s too bad you’re not on British Airways, though; the food is actually quite good on that one, and they showed Captain Scarlet on the video. It made me very happy. ^_^

  2. Captain Scarlet would have been way cool.

    Pleasantly surprisingly, though, Continental is showing Transamerica in BusinessFirst on one of the video channels on the flight over.

  3. Wow, I might fly anywhere on Continental just to get a meal like that! Sounds quite tasty.
    And to think I’m excited because we might stop at a Sonic during our vacation.

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