*hack* *cough* *sniffle* *sniffle* *bleagh*

After thinking Monday morning that my cold had crested, as the day wore on I began to feel worse, and Tuesday morning it was clear that I wasn’t going to be able to function at work, so I called in sick. This morning I woke up feeling not a lot better, but concerned about taking any more time off, so I medicated myself and went in. The place was dead; almost all of the students took leave this week, and my inbox–normally overfull and over quota after only a day or two away–had only a dozen or so new messages since I left on vacation last Thursday. After four hours of pretty much just staring blankly into space, and of hearing how bad I sounded and looked, I decided to leave at lunchtime and take the rest of the day off. I actually don’t feel any worse today than yesterday–though that might be the result of the constant stream of cold medication–but the cough and congestion that started in my head have moved to my chest, where they’ve deepened a little. I have a huskiness that would make Lauren Bacall proud.

So I’ve spent the afternoon drinking juice, eating soup, and resting, while waiting for Jeff to get back into town tonight (he should be touching down at DCA in about half an hour) so I can bundle up and go pick him up at the airport and welcome him home. He has tomorrow off; I’ll probably try to go back in. Friday we fly up to Boston, to ring in the New Year with a college friend of his who’s in grad school at my old alma mater. Let’s hope this cold really is over by then; I ran into a colleague this morning who is in his third week with something similar, that started like mine as a sinus/head cold and then moved into his chest, with his cough worsening to the point that he pulled a muscle while coughing over the weekend. One week of this is plenty for me, thank you very much.

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