christmas vacation 03

Along with so many others, I’ve spent the Christmas holidays sick. In the previous two entries, I wrote about feeling sick Thursday through Saturday, and my hope that I would shake it off by Sunday.

I didn’t. In fact, after another horrible night Saturday of practically no sleep (even in a comfortable bed at my mom’s house), due to the cough from the cold/sinus infection and the bouts of acid reflux, I didn’t even get up until noon on Sunday, and then mostly just moved back and forth between the recliner in the living room (until the arguing between my nephews would drive me back to bed in order to try to find some quiet), the bedroom (until the arguing between my nephews would drive me back to the living room to tell them to shut up), and the bathroom. Mom and I did go over to my sister’s house in the evening and then on to my cousin’s for a little while–where I did rally for a bit to play their new air hockey table, reigning undefeated for the evening, but gasping for air between rounds–but after a couple of hours I asked Mom if we could go home, and I went to bed shortly after getting back. You can tell I wasn’t feeling well, since I didn’t even get online at all on Sunday.

Today I’m still very tired and congested–with watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing and a cough that continues to deepen–and still experiencing the reflux, though at least I’m back home now where my bottle of Prilosec (which I’d not needed for months) is available, so the esophageal burning, at least, should be over soon.

The trip back to Arlington today was fine–fortunately, traffic was light this afternoon–and I didn’t get overly tired driving back, though the blockage in my ears was a little painful since I couldn’t equalize the pressure as I drove into and out of the mountains. Since getting home, though, I’ve had a nice meal of French onion soup and there’s a warm kitty–happy to see me–snuggling by my side. I’m supposed to go back to work tomorrow, so we’ll see how I’m feeling in the morning.

3 thoughts on “christmas vacation 03

  1. You drive too slow. ::grin::
    How odd to have my mother point out the other silver Prius in front of us on I-66 yesterday, pass it, and realize that it was you… and having to explain to my mom all the strange parallels that made me question the odds.

  2. LOL. So you were the other half of that “lovely elderly lesbian couple” in the other silver Prius. That was the assumption I made after seeing only the passenger–with whom I exchanged the smile and nod of the Prius cognoscenti–and then the HRC sticker on the back as you sped past.
    I had an HRC sticker, and the space where it was is still apparent by its square of dirty glue residue, but I removed it in a fit of pique after HRC put RIAA’s former hired gun and a straight man temporarily in charge, and after reading that they may be “moderating” their stances in the near future–“moderating”? they’re already too wishy-washy for my taste. Anyway, I digress.
    As I saw your sticker, I gave a thumbs-up, and briefly considered trying to catch up, but you were quickly gone.

  3. Sorry you were under the weather. It was that way here as well, for both of us, in nasty weather (and then SNOW–what is this, Ohio?), so we stayed home the entire weekend.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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