the queer spice channel

Last night I was updating my favorite channels list on my DirecTV with TiVo, primarily in order to remove all the latest sports channels from my guide listings and channel search, when I came across a network I’d not seen before, FitTV, apparently another of the Discovery stable of channels. The program on at the time was Urban Fitness TV, a Canadian import, featuring hunky host Derek Noble and what clearly seemed to be a gay male aesthetic, with camera shots almost lovingly focusing now on Noble’s sweaty chest, now on his armpit, now travelling along the body of a shirtless male model lying on a massage table, with shots of male nipples even part of the end title graphics; I remarked to Jeff that Urban Fitness TV seemed practically to be soft porn for gay men. [And Googling the names of the host and the show seems to suggest that Urban Fitness TV was created originally for PrideVision TV, the Canadian-originated “world’s first GLBT television network.”]

One thought on “the queer spice channel

  1. Yesterday I added the New York City Ballet Workout DVD to my Netflix queue, and it then displayed some other suggestions in the same “genre,” one of which was Hot Male Yoga. I kid you not.

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