seeing the good in george w.

Zoethe posted Saturday about the ACLU’s offer to fax a message on your behalf to your congressfolk, faxes generally considered to have more impact than a letter or email.

After submitting my fax, I also finally contributed my dollars to join the ACLU as an official card-carrying member, something I’d been thinking about for years without taking action.

I’ll say a couple of good things for George and his public stand on enshrining bigotry into the Constitution. He and his administration absolutely have turned me back into a queer activist. For starters, in addition to finally joining the ACLU, I’ve donated extra money to HRC beyond my annual membership fee, and sent dozens of faxes and emails to Washington; Jeff and I also are attending the HRC Rally Against Discrimination downtown at 5:45 this evening, outside the HRC headquarters building at 1640 Rhode Island Ave. And I’m delighting in the Schadenfreude of so many gay Republicans now speaking out against this administration, and some even defecting from their party.

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  1. When you’re by the HRC building, you’ll be right next to my office. We’re in the National Restaurant Building. I want to go to it but unfortunately I have therapy and can’t miss it. Mary Chenney stil annoys me, though I suppose it would be difficult to not support one’s father. But Still!

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