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Even before I bought my iPod earlier this month, I’d already ripped about half of my CD collection to MP3s. Since then, I’ve been slowly ripping the other half to AACs (and re-ripping some of the others to AACs as well). A few weeks earlier, though, while starting to clean out some closet space for Jeff to hang his clothes, I had come across my nigh-forgotten collection of P.D.Q. Bach CDs. Yet now I can’t find them anywhere in the condo, while for the past two weeks I’ve been craving listening to them again.

By the way, you can listen to audio link Peter Shickele’s segment on the “Seriously Funny” episode of WNYC’s Soundcheck recorded on December 22nd.

“Virginia, fairest Virginia. ’Tis for her I sing this song.
They called her ‘Virgin’ for short, but not for long.

— “Virgo” from Twelve Quite Heavenly Songs (Arie Proprie Zodicale), S. 16°, by P.D.Q. Bach