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Photo of Brian Greene taken by Dan DeitchWhen PBS ran the NOVA “The Elegant Universe” series a few months ago, I missed the first episode but managed to TiVo the second. Since then I’d been waiting for the programs to be re-run, and tonight TiVo picked them up for me.

In addition to my longtime fascination with quantum theory, chaos theory and astrophysics, there’s also just something about the series narrator and expert on superstring theory, Columbia University mathematics and physics professor Brian Greene, that I’ve always found really adorable and intriguing.

Recently, though, I was stunned to discover that he and I were undergraduates together, both part of the class of 1984. I pulled out my senior yearbook, and there he was. A number of his bios mention that he performed in musical theater in college (and that even now he takes acting classes and performs in community theater); I’m trying to recall now if I ever saw him in a show at Harvard. Perhaps I’ll see him at our 20th reunion this coming year.

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  1. Heh, kinda funny. I always thought he was attractive too. Hyperspace has always been my favorite physics-for-real-people book, but the half of Elegant Universe that I read was pretty good.

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