hi, tina!

My mom has one uncle, her father’s youngest brother, who’s actually only a few years older than she. Moreover, his two daughters are only a couple of years older than me. When I was a kid, they lived in Northern Virginia and we didn’t see them very frequently, usually once a year for sure on Independence Day and only very occasionally otherwise. I regret this, because they were a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the times we did spend together.

And, in the way that these things so often go, now that we’re grown and I’m also living in Northern Virginia, I actually see less of my great-uncle and his family. The eldest daughter still lives in the same general area with her own family (including one child in college and another who’s a senior in high school; where has the time gone?), but because of job demands the younger moved to Vermont with her husband and son a number of years ago.

Fortunately, on a business trip there in 2001, I got to have dinner with my cousin (first, once-removed) and her son. It was so nice to see them, but we hadn’t been in touch again since. After my father’s death, though, she sent me an email (and a card) explaining that after she heard the news, she was thinking of me, searched on my name online and found this blog. This is one of the reasons I so love the Internet.

So, hey there, cuz! Great to hear from you, and I hope I can get back up there to see you again.