bathroom behavior

I’ve seen the purported sociological studies of usage and avoidance patterns for urinals in men’s bathrooms (e.g., in a bank of urinals, the newcomer takes the urinal that affords the most distance from men already standing at others), but there are a range of interesting bathroom behaviors. There are the usual suspects of those who never flush or those who repeatedly flush every ten to twenty seconds while seated on the toilet, those who wash their hands when they enter the bathroom but not when they leave, those who bypass the seat cover dispenser but then are heard tearing off strips of toilet paper to line the seat, etc.

Yesterday, though, I saw evidence of an unusual and previously unobserved behavior: scattered over the floor in and around one stall were little pills of paper, as though the person sitting on the toilet had torn off strips of toilet paper, rolled them up into little balls, and then randomly tossed or rolled them under the partition.

One thought on “bathroom behavior

  1. Hiya! I also do the thing where I don’t use the toilet liner but might use tissue paper instead! And that’s because the toilet liners 1) often have centre holes much smaller than the gap in the seat, and while I’m sure it’s big enough, it still makes me nervous, 2) sometimes they have a weird flap attached (where the hole should have been punched out and it wasn’t) and I want no part of that, and 3) sometimes the liners are slippery, and y’know what? Fuck that. ^_^
    So I don’t know whether that’s why a boy might do it, but it’s why I use toilet paper instead of the liners. (I don’t use either, really; just if I _really_ have to go and I get paranoid. ^_^ )

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