elf-indulgent radio: no, really, i’ve only had two drinks

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Wow. What a fun night this has been. 2:40 am and I hadn’t even realized it was that late. And we’re leaving the club and… I can’t hear a thing. My ears are ringing.

This is fun. And it’s been interesting. I actually ran into two people I know. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been into a gay club.

And some guy comes up to me and says, “You used to be my uncle.”

And I said, “What?!”

He said, “You used to be my uncle.”

And it turns out that he’s the nephew of my ex, Jay. And when I last saw Wes, probably eight years ago, he was about four feet wide. And this guy tonight was so hot, so muscular. Just amazing. I didn’t recognize him at all.

And later on I ran into my friend Phil, who I used to work with. And he wasn’t there with the boyfriend that I remember him with.

So it’s been a very interesting evening. I never thought that I would go out to a club and actually run into people that I know.

But I’m on my way home. It’s been a really fun evening. This was nice.

From Washington, DC, this is Thom. And you’ve been listening to another episode of elf-indulgent radio.

2 thoughts on “elf-indulgent radio: no, really, i’ve only had two drinks

  1. Well, now, you two are turning into regular little circuit boys!
    That’s kinda freaky… I dunno how I would have handled someone randomly telling me I used to be their uncle.

  2. In my case, it’s more like a “circuit senior”: the tintinnitus I was experiencing after leaving the club early Saturday morning didn’t fully abate until sometime late Sunday afternoon, while Jeff’s hearing had returned to normal by Saturday afternoon. A colleague today said it’s because I’m “old.”
    Despite the assault on my eardrums and auditory nerve, though, I had a really great time dancing my little buns off.

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