elf-indulgent radio: if i could be a superhero

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So, it’s about 10:15 on a Friday night, and I’m standing just outside the Dupont Metro, where I’m to be meeting Jeff who, of course, is fashionably late as usual, even though we pushed back the original time of the meeting from 9:30–when he was just getting into the shower at 9:15–to 9:45 and then to 10. But what I’ve noticed is that when I’m out in public I seem to become “Direction Boy”! Three times in the last ten minutes I’ve been stopped and asked for directions. And this always happens when I’m out in public. And noone else who’s standing around me has been stopped and approached. So I don’t know if it’s because I look particularly knowledgable or if I really just look like if I suddenly went crazy, I probably couldn’t do much damage and people could probably run away from me.

So… I’m here on the corner. If you need to know how to get to anyplace in metro DC, just stop by and ask.

You’ve been listening to elf-indulgent radio. From Arlington, Virginia, on assignment in Washington, DC, this is Thom.

One thought on “elf-indulgent radio: if i could be a superhero

  1. No you got it all wrong. At least for me. I only ask directions to people who I think are approachable and won’t give me the wrong directions because it would be funny. It’s a good thing that people ask you directions because it means that you look nice and helpful. Not stuck up and mean.
    That’s my opinion.

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