Thursday evening after a meeting at church that ended around 8pm, I braved the holiday traffic to drive down to Yorktown to spend the long weekend with my friends Sheldon and Lisa, now living back in Virginia after nine years away in Belgium and Anchorage. It took four hours to make what should have been just over a two-hour trip; in the stressful first two and a half hours I only got about seventy miles from home, though after that the traffic lightened considerably and the rest of the drive wasn’t too bad.

Yesterday we took in Terminator 3 to avoid the depressingly muggy heat, had a couple of meals (unfortunately, the nice restaurants we’d hoped to visit were closed for the fourth, so we just hit a Ruby Tuesdays for lunch and an Uno’s for dinner), and relaxed in front of the tv with two very nice bottles of wine.

This morning I’m catching up on email and making at least this one entry to explain why I’m not otherwise posting much this weekend, the first of three weekends in a row where I actually have fairly significant plans. This weekend I’m with Sheldon and Lisa, next weekend my friend Peg comes to stay with me, and the weekend after that I’m finally driving down to visit my family for the first time in months; I’d have spent this weekend with my folks, except that the entire family (not just Mom and Dad, but sister, brother-in-law and nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins and second cousins) was leaving early this morning for their annual vacation at Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina.

After I post this, I think we’re going to head out to brunch; today we’re trying again to get to the nicer and/or more interesting restaurants. Afterwards, I think we’re going to spend some time in Williamsburg. I’ll report more later.

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  1. Hi–
    Would have liked an opportunity to meet you at Shel and Lisa’s this weekend, but circumstances prevented my joining the happy party. I have added you to my friends list, hope you don’t mind.

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