home again, home again, jiggity jig

I left Yorktown around 2:30 yesterday afternoon, and got back home after 6:30, another depressingly overlong drive that took almost twice the time it normally would on a non-holiday weekend.

It was a relaxing, low-pressure weekend in which, as Sheldon pointed out in his LiveJournal entry, the three of us quickly and easily, though not unsurprisingly, fell right back into our comfortable ways of being with each other, even after nine years of having lived far apart. It would be very nice if we could end up living together again, or at least in the same city; some of my fondest memories are from the years we lived together in the early 90s.

On Saturday we did make it to lunch at one of the nicer restaurants to which Sheldon had wanted to take me–The Trellis, in Williamsburg, the home of Marcel Desaulniers and his famous “Death by Chocolate.” I had a wonderful mushroom pâté served with walnut bread, and the three of us shared a nice dessert that included a chocolate-hazelnut-raspberry cake and scoops of chocoate-toasted coconut ice cream and blueberry sorbet.

The weather, though sunny, was just much too hot and humid to make being outside enjoyable or even particularly bearable, so we didn’t do much out of the house; after lunch on Saturday we did briefly walk around some of the shops near the restaurant, and made a visit to two wine tastings, including one at the shop from which Sheldon stocks much of his own cellar. Otherwise, we just stayed in, reminisced, caught up, watched television and drank some very, very good wine. We didn’t even observe any fireworks, or attend any cookouts, but I didn’t regret either.

And now I’m back home. Alex was very glad to see me, and was very affectionate and needy all evening; unfortunately, he also decided to be very needy at 5:00 this morning, wandering around the house and crying until I got out of bed and played with him. Considering I hadn’t gotten to bed until after 2:00, I’m feeling rather wonky today. Fortunately, it seems to be a pretty quiet day at the office.