the blair which? project

I just finished watching the third episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on TiVo, and just as in the second episode last week, Jai Rodriguez received the opening credit as the culture queer, yet there was a hunky black guy, identified only as Blair, actually playing that role instead. Who is he? Why was he replaced? Why does Jai get the episode credits for these two episodes? Inqueering minds want to know.

I’m guessing from this and other clues that the first episode aired, with Jai, was actually filmed after these other two. Perhaps Blair was originally the culture queer but was dumped for some reason, and they decided to air an episode with Jai first to establish his presence. But I’d still like to know what happened.

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  1. Yes, Jeff and I were chatting about it–and he was getting all hot and bothered when I started sending him links to Kyan’s pictures, especially the one that makes him look like either a porn star or next week’s demon on Charmed–via AIM the same night that you and I first IMed, while I was visiting my folks last weekend.
    And remember, “Spray, delay, and walk away.” I kept expecting to hear Carson in the background chiming in with “sashay, chantez!” (my guess, though Google seems to prefer “shant

  2. Your guess is in fact correct. Jai replaced Blair. I haven’t seen this past week’s episode yet, but after Blair’s hideous chalkboard stunt from last week, I’m surprised he was only replaced, rather than being shot like a dog.

  3. Faustus! From you I was really hoping for a definitive opinion on the shantay/shant

  4. I will weigh in on the s/s/c/c/c question as soon as I understand exactly what the question is. “Sashay” is almost certainly a low-level Spoonerism for the French “chass

  5. In the RuPaul song “Supermodel,” he sings, “Sashay, (shän-t¯a´). (shän-t¯a´), (shän-t¯a´), (shän-t¯a´).” “Sashay,” “to strut or flounce,” as you note derives from “chass

  6. We’re in agreement on “chantez”; your argument for the imperative was the same as mine, which makes me feel so validated.
    I just can’t go with “chantey,” despite its appearance in the online lyrics you referenced. In the context of the song, it elicits visions of tattooed sailors voguing in the crow’s nest; an amusing and entertaining notion, perhaps, but not really appropriate to the lyrics.

  7. I don’t care why Blair was replaced, I’m just glad he was! I think that Jai is much better and he is definutly much HOTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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