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And now I’m watching the adorable gotta-be-queer Canadian (mmm…. I love me some Canadian men) Kevin Brauch, host of the Fine Living network’s The Thirsty Traveler series, who incidentally has one of the best jobs in the world, just traveling around the world drinking beer, wine and other spirits.

Kevin has attached earlobes–a textbook example of genetics, remembered from middle school science classes (along with the ability to roll one’s tongue), as the gene for attached earlobes is recessive to that for free earlobes. Ok, the point… I have a preference for attached earlobes, physically. Not to the degree of being a fetish, or even a requirement, but it is among a group of physical attributes or styles that I notice and that I find particularly appealing or attractive. Another is the goatee.

That also then got me to thinking about the more unusual parts of bodies that we may tend to notice, in addition to the stereotypical chest, legs, eyes, ass, basket, etc. For me, the less typical things I often notice besides earlobes are wrists, especially the palm side, as well as other pulse spots I consider similarly “vulnerable”: the inside of the elbow and knee, and several spots on the neck, and just behind the ear. There’s also something about prominent veins on a man’s forearm that I can find mildly erotic. Pulse points, arteries and veins. Perhaps I have vampire blood.

From Arlington, Virginia, this is Thom, and you’ve been listening to elf-indulgent radio.

2 thoughts on “elf-indulgent radio: in another vein

  1. Love the way you just casually tossed “basket” into the mix. : )
    For me, it’s all about jawbones and collarbones. I also like eyebrows for some reason…
    *gets flush* Listing those pulse points… and you wonder why your purity test was like that…

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