still alive

Despite the last few days devoid of posts, I am still here, and haven’t given up on this. Friday through Sunday, though, I was spending much of my waking hours editing my friend’s dissertation. My edits to chapters one through three were pretty extensive, but I have to admit that by Sunday, especially with the headache from all those hours reading onscreen text, I wasn’t able to be as thorough with chapters four and five, though I still think the results were an improvement over the originals.

And given the soggy Saturday–parts of the metro area were under flood warnings much of the day–I wasn’t too disappointed not to be outside. The gay and lesbian squaredance club with which I used to dance even cancelled their participation in the Pride parade Saturday night; I suspect a number of other groups likely did as well. Sunday was relatively dry, if still gray and cool, but my workload didn’t permit–and my mood didn’t encourage–visiting the Pride festival that day.

My friend had offered to pay me for my editing work, but I had told her that a nice dinner somewhere would be sufficient. Given that when I woke up this morning, I felt like I hadn’t even really had a weekend, I almost wish I’d agreed to the payment; I think I’ll have to select a very nice restaurant as compensation.

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