pride goeth…

Last night, I wrote about my ambivalence about the upcoming Pride festival. The situation already may have been resolved, however, as today I agreed to do a friend a favor by reading and doing an additional final edit on her doctoral dissertion, which is due to the committee on Monday morning. At 200+ pages, I’ll likely be working on it most of the weekend, which probably won’t leave me time to worry about going downtown for Pride anyway. I’ve got the first chapter in hand now, and will try to get it out of the way tonight, but there are five more after this one.

Truly, I’m flattered that she asked me to do this; granted, her first choice was someone who already has a Ph.D. in the field, but when he had to back out due to other commitments, the fact that she felt my educational background and previous editorial experience qualified me to give a reasonably intelligent evaluation of her work (I’d prefer to think that way than to assume–as I might have at various times and mental states–that I was just her last hope and better than nothing) provides a little ego boost.

Oh, I was also really proud of a joke I made at work this week. I was in a security training class, and the instructor was explaining the various categories under which information might be classified. She noted that a new executive order is expected from Dubya, and will include a new category for classifying information: weapons of mass destruction. I mused aloud that I suspected that even though he was purporting that “weapons of mass destruction” would be in the document, we probably wouldn’t find it in the final analysis.

ba da bing. Thank you, thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, elvish has left the building.