let’s get soaking wet

On my way home from Craig’s get-together earlier tonight, I took the Metro to Pentagon City, where I’d left my car in order to take the train to and from Dupont Circle. When I left the club, and when I arrived at Pentagon City, the skies were gray but dry; I decided to spend a few minutes in Best Buy and Borders. Fifteen minutes later I left the store to walk to my car, and the skies had opened up in the meantime, and lightning was flashing all around.

I dashed to my car, about a block away, but my hair and clothes got pretty wet. Then when I got to my car, and stepped off the sidewalk into the street to get in, I noticed too late the deep puddle surrounding my car. My Kenneth Coles and the bottom three inches of my slacks were completely soaked. Meanwhile, the lightning was very close, with the thunderclaps practically simultaneous; the short drive home in the ragtop with the lightning arcing down all around was really rather exhilirating and a little adrenaline-inducing.