from facebook: yeah, we already knew that.

The Tennessee hardware store owner who put up a “No Gays Allowed” sign on his store’s front door, says he did so “to let the homosexual people know that there are Christian people that are willing to take a stand.”

Believe me, homosexual people are fully aware that there exist Christian people who are willing to take a stand for exclusion, bigotry, and hate. That particular message from some Christian people receives no shortage of sunlight, and has been on display time and again as we homosexual people fought for our jobs, our homes, our relationships, our children, our dignity, and even, too often, our lives.

It’s a message we hear nearly every day from Christian people not just standing in pulpits and sitting in pews, but from Christian people running for president, serving as president, on the playground, sitting in legislatures, baking cakes, governing states, being interviewed on the nightly news, arranging flowers, passing constitutional amendments, serving pizzas, and now, even, from Christian people who just don’t even want to let us buy an Allen wrench. Because somehow selling us a tube of caulk is an affront to baby Jesus.

It’s a message that’s increasingly tone-deaf, mercifully, and more and more often offset by messages of love and understanding from other Christian people, but it’s not one every LGBT person doesn’t hear ringing in the recesses of their psyche every. single. day.

You, Mr. Amyx, are neither brave nor a pioneer.

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