license “plaet”

Ah, I just remembered something else I had meant to post about my experiences with license plate numbers. Writing the earlier post reminded me of the first time I took my Saab 9-3 convertible (the car I owned prior to the Prius) back to the dealer for service. I gave the keys to the mechanic and told him my car was the dark green 1999 9-3 convertible, with license plate ZCM576. He came back in a few minutes later and said that my keys didn’t work. I noted that if they didn’t work I wouldn’t have been able to drive the car there in the first place. So I went outside with him to see what was wrong. He walked right over to a dark green 1999 9-3 convertible with license place ZCM567. Another owner had brought his car in for service just a few minutes after me, and our license plates were partially dyslexic versions of one another.