san franhattan or man francisco?

I was just saying to Jeff about an hour ago, as he was musing over last Sunday’s New York Times (his aunt had picked it up at the airport on her way back to SFO from Manila, go figure), that I wished that New York were closer to San Francisco, and that it really belonged out here in California. We used to go there once a quarter or so, and I think I will miss the easy access to all the great theater and museums.

Lo and behold, I check my RSS feeds, and Kottke had pointed out his “Manhattan Elsewhere” project, which I’d missed back in June when he first published it, and in which he inserted a map of Manhattan into maps of other places at the same scale, using Google Maps and Google Earth. One of those places was San Francisco, where the island fits snugly between the City’s downtown and Alameda in the East Bay, taking the place of Treasure Island. Seeing Manhattan in scale to San Francisco really amazes me, especially when I think of how much of Manhattan I’ve walked at one time or another. Some of my wanderings there would be almost like walking from my office near the Presidio to our home here in Daly City.