pleasant valley sunday

Speaking of birthdays, last Sunday we drove down to San Jose to celebrate Gene’s 40th birthday (his birthday really is the 14th, but he held his party on the 5th).

We had great food (munchies first, fajitas and barbecued chicken next, and a huge pink cake–I’m talking pieces the size of a person’s head–for dessert), fun music, frosty drinks, and we met an amazing number of really neat people, including Gene’s ex, Jann, and his partner, Mike; Gene’s mom and aunt (how in the world a free spirit like her survives back in Lynchburg, Virginia, I’ll never know); and the amazingly cool Sara Hickman and the equally cool husband, Lance, and daughters Lily and iolana.

Gene's 40th: a HUGE piece of pink cake

Gene’s aunt lives not far from my great-uncle and aunt’s new house in Amherst, and has issued a standing invitation–nay, a demand–that we come see her when we’re out that way.

And Sara… well, I feel like I’ve known Sara forever. Meeting her was like one of those connections you make unexpectedly–at a squaredance weekend, maybe, or one afternoon at a gaming store when the guy running the D&D game comes over and starts chatting–that stays with you the rest of your life, one way or another.

Moreover, she’s a very talented singer and songwriter and a blogger and podcaster to boot. Check out her newest CD, Motherlode.

Sara Hickman's MOTHERLODE