blogging works

Even my boss has gotten into the act. This past week he’s been attending the Euroscience Open Forum in Munich. While there he’s been providing daily updates and photos via Livejournal and Flickr that we’ve been transferring to a template–Our Mann in Munich–on the UCSF main site. I think it’s added a nice personal and more informal touch to the site.

When I came here for my interview in May, I discovered that my blogging already was known to the staff and my interview panel. At the time I assumed that Julie, the lead web developer on my team and an LJer herself, had discovered it and spread the word. In fact, it was my boss-to-be, Jeff, who had found the blog (admittedly, I noted in my cover letter that I blog, though without mentioning the URL, as it seemed to have some relevance to the position). It’s nice to be in an environment where this activity turns out to be an asset rather than a potential liability (not that there were any overt issues with my blogging when I worked for the State Department, and I wasn’t generally blogging about work anyway, but I did wonder if eventually Department leadership might clamp down on employee blogging, just as they prohibit or monitor other activities by employees, even off-the-job).