our urban county

Arlington County, Virginia, where Jeff and I live, has just released its 2006 demographic profile [website] [3.69Mb PDF].

Some interesting tidbits:

  • population 200,226
  • population density of 7,761 persons per square mile is higher than Seattle, Minneapolis and Pittsburgh
  • more private office space than downtown LA, Atlanta or Seattle
  • 43% of residents are Hispanic/Latino, African-American, Asian or multi-racial
  • more than one-quarter of residents were born outside the U.S.
  • unemployment rate of 2.1%
  • 60% of adults (25 and older) have a bachelor’s degree or higher, with 30% holding a graduate or professional degree
  • 72.6% of households consist of only 1 (40.8%) or 2 (31.8%) people
  • median family income $91,728; per capita income $60,595
  • average assessed value of housing (all) $544,907; single-family detached houses ($666,335); single-family attached houses, townhouses ($676,108); condominium townhouses ($541,741); condos and coops ($367,328)

One thought on “our urban county

  1. There are more men than women there! Perhaps, I should relocate. Of course, with my record, I’d crush on the ones I have too much in common with.. namely, interest in men. hahaha!
    : Janekim, fruitfly 😉

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