light refresh-mints by email

Yesterday Jeff mentioned that his mother had left a message; when he relayed it to me verbatim, short and staccato, I responded, “She left that in a voicemail?” And he replied, “No, in an email.” We talked some more about his mother and her use of the Internet, and he noted that she hadn’t completely gotten the hang of going to Flickr to view his photos, asking him why he doesn’t just email her photos after he takes them. I suggested that he could look into an RSS-to-email option, setting it up so that his Flickr feed automatically would be emailed to her, so that he wouldn’t have to do anything differently than he already does when he uploads photos.

Then today I read that Feedburner has just started offering its own email subscription capability for feeds. We both already use Feedburner to manage our own feeds–it nicely handles the automatic integration of our Flickr and posts into a single stream, and also dynamically outputs the best feed type–various flavors of RSS and Atom–for each individual user’s aggregator of choice, as well as providing a clean format for direct in-browser viewing. I’ve incorporated the subscription form on the main site, so if you’re not real sure about this RSS stuff but would like to receive a daily email with any new entries that day, rather than having to remember to check in here now and again, you’re welcome to give that option a try.

One thought on “light refresh-mints by email

  1. Feedburner is a quiet powerhouse in the syndication world. I think people are more Feedburner dependent than they realize. Not that this is a bad thing. It’s certainly been good for me, and should be great for Feedburner.
    By using with Feedburner, are you publishing daily bookmarks to your feed, but not site?

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