in this case, couldn’t they have reached a little higher?

While I’m generally quite enthusiastic about the modern style of furniture sold by Design Within Reach, I’ve always found their name a bit disingenuous at best, since even sale items generally are priced at four figures. And I confess that their barrage of emails once you’re on their mailing list can be annoying, though I do appreciate their monthly electronic newsletters that focus on modernist style and architecture rather than strictly functioning as a product flyer. But today’s announcement really leaves me puzzled:

A Cure by Design Fashion Show at DWR
Tuesday, April 11, 7–10 p.m.

We’re bringing the best of fashion and furnishings together to raise money for a wonderful, caring organization. DWR has partnered with Wendy Pepper of Bravo’s Project Runway for a fantastic event to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The fashion designer will show samplings from her newest collection for the first time since Olympus Fashion Week 2005 and raffle one of her creations. In addition to mingling with Wendy, you’ll have the opportunity to check out DWR’s classic and new modern furniture designs, and sample delicious refreshments by PERRY’S, Cricket Cola and Ze Mean Bean Café. Co-sponsors: Fusion Public Relations and Woolpert, Inc. Music by DJ Derek B.

OK, it’s for an extremely good cause. But, please, the shallow, scheming and talentless Wendy Pepper?! And with the implication that somehow she represents the “best of fashion”? Her lack of sartorial talent aside, she didn’t come across in the show–and even less so in her recent appearance on Project Jay where she confesses that even her marriage has failed because of her desire for “fame”–as representing even the best of humanity.

OK, I may be a little harsh given that she is donating her time and one of her designs in support of juvenile diabetes research. Cheers to her for that. And I’ve never actually met her in person, so maybe she’s the complete opposite of the image television has given of her. Just to prove that I’m not only stooping to her level with my namecalling, I’ve also attempted to rise to the occasion as well by donating to the Research Foundation an amount twice that suggested by DWR for the dubious privilege of “mingling with” Ms. Pepper. The refreshments might have been nice, though.

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  1. And as someone who peruses the Craigslist job ads every day for a design job, I’m often annoyed to see their misleading ads there. They are always headed with some kind of “Design” description, but when you open the ad it’s for a job selling overpriced chairs in their store.

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