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Last year I wrote about the possibility/likelihood that Jeff and I would be moving to California. For a few months, at least, I put out some feelers, sent out a few resumes, and talked to some contacts, though nothing much came of it at the time after some initial excitement about some specific prospects. Then we put the move planning temporarily on hold while Jeff considered whether or not to apply for a promotion at his current company. A couple of months ago he decided not to pursue the new job here but to focus on moving back west; by then, however, we were preparing for our London vacation, so we decided we’d really focus on the job search and move planning after February.

The past few weeks, then, I’ve updated my resume and my account information on various online job sites, and have begun scouring job postings on craigslist,,,, and various corporate and university sites. I’ve sent cover letters and resumes off to a few, and have made some tentative inroads into networking with some folks out there. I’m very open to advice, leads and additional networking contacts.

I also need to turn my attention to the condo, and decide whether to sell or to rent. For now I’m leaning towards the latter, but either way there’s clearly some work that has to be done: the carpet throughout–original, and more than 20 years old, and in bad enough shape even before Alex decided that he prefers it to a traditional scratching post–absolutely must go, the walls need a fresh coat of paint, and the dishwasher that broke three-and-a-half years ago still hasn’t been replaced. On the plus side, the refrigerator and heat pump both already were replaced within the past four years. So only the range, washer and dryer are still the original appliances, but they all seem to be in really good condition (as I superstitiously look around for some wood to knock)–certainly good enough for a rental.

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  1. Welcome back!
    Some reflections by someone who made the move west: I couldn’t have done it if I hadn’t sold my Arlington condo for a huge profit, that money is what I am living on here in California. You know how people say it is so expensive here? Trust me, they’re underplaying it. I mean, sales tax is about twice what you’re used to in Arlington. Housing costs are insane. Car registration, food, electricity… it is all astronomical. And I have been here nearly a year with no job in sight.
    I’m not sure if, knowing what I now know, I’d still make the move — at least, not without a job lined up. Still, with two people it would be much easier, and Jeff’s family is here. I’m going it alone in every respect, so that just adds to the level of difficulty.
    Sell the condo, you’ll need the cash, especially if you want to buy out here.

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