Well, if the driver this morning whose car was sporting said bumpersticker is any indication, Jesus would enter a major thoroughfare from the parking lot of a 7-11, causing the oncoming driver to have to slam on his brakes, yet immediately turn at the very next intersection anyway. Without signaling. Or, from the color and quantity of exhaust left behind, without having received a valid emissions inspection anytime in the last decade.

Based on his other bumpersticker, Jesus also voted the Bush-Cheney ticket in 2004.

4 thoughts on “wwjd?

  1. Okay, since I’m back home for the week, let me make a guess: said 7-11 was on Columbia Pike next to the McDonalds, he made a turn onto Walter Reed Drive, and he was driving, oh, a Ford.

  2. Uncanny! I’m actually not sure of the make of the car, but when I was trying to remember while posting the original item, it seemed to me that it was likely a Ford as well.

  3. Honey, this comment could be much more than a “ripple” if I had the time. Mindless Morons! WWJD if he were here? He’d change his name. Go undercover. Become a sharp shooter and start cleaning up the gene pool. Sorry, this elf just grew some horns. I feel bettter now.

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