anyone want to buy a silver 2004 prius?

From an announcement about the new 2006 model year for the Toyota Prius:

Already featuring a high level of safety technology, Prius gains even more for 2006. The new advanced airbag system uses variable-force front airbags for both driver and front passenger. Sensors determine the severity of the impact and in turn the force with which to deploy the front airbags, helping to provide an appropriate level of occupant restraint.

A Tire Pressure Monitoring System can detect a significant loss in pressure in one or more tires and alert the driver by a warning light.

A new optional rear back-up camera, available with the optional Navigation system, automatically projects an image of what the lens can detect behind the vehicle onto the dash-mounted LCD display when the vehicle is in reverse gear.

Outside, the 2006 Prius features restyled headlights and taillight clusters. Inside, new darker seat fabric and a textured instrument panel center accent the high-tech interior styling. Prius offers enhanced comfort with the new option of leather seating (choice of two colors) and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Customers can also order a new audio system upgrade that features MP3-media capability and a mini-jack port located in the center console. The mini-jack port allows connectivity to most portable music players and allows users to listen to their portable music collection through the JBL audio system.

I know it’s horribly Western and materialistic of me, but I so would love to trade-up my 2004 model for the 2006, primarily for the MP3-enabled stereo system and mini-jack port… and that oh-so-cool rear-view camera. I’m such a tech-slut.

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  1. ohhh, get the optional Navigation system too!
    I mean if other cultures are going to look down on you anyways then why not?

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