my blogging fame

Look out, A-, B- and C-list bloggers (One of the Kathy Griffins of the blogosphere, I’m D-list at best)… with the fame accorded me by the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, I may soon be climbing the ladder of success.

In an article last week entitled “Blogging is so popular because anyone can do it,” elf-reflection is (deprecatingly if humorously) invoked along with the blogs “Wholesale Pants Warehouse – everything’s coming up pants” and “Shamus O’Drunkahan Has Issues – I have issues, ok?” as examples of the thousands of blogs the author uncovered in his/her exploration of the meaning and popularity of blogging. Why, this is almost the best thing that’s happened to me as a blogger, much better than being quoted last year in that Podunk rag, The New York Times.

I hadn’t heard of Huddersfield, which turns out to be a town in West Yorkshire, U.K. not far from Leeds or Manchester, almost exactly halfway between Liverpool and Hull on the M62 motorway. Huddersfield obviously has a rich history: One of the web sites dedicated to the town records such important milestones as the November 1962 closing of the Lockwood Brewery, and the March 1974 official opening of the bus station “by the Mayor, Councillor Mernagh, despite the fact that it has not actually been completed.” Sadly, the new £15,000 St. Georges Square Fountain, also opened in 1974, was removed just two years later when the soft limestone of the fountain, which was “over 100 years old and stood in Venice for many years,” proved “unable to survive the Huddersfield climate.”