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Four days later I’m still without a PC, which is my primary excuse for not having posted since Friday (I have a very old laptop, which is fine for occasionally checking email, but much too slow and difficult to use for anything else). Friday night after work I went by Best Buy to see if they had a hard drive, but their selection only included a single SATA drive, and it was a Maxtor–the one that just failed was a Maxtor, and I wasn’t keen to replace it with another–and much more expensive than I knew I could find online. So Friday evening I placed an online order for a new drive, but too late for it to be shipped before Monday for Tuesday delivery. Tracking indicates that it arrived at Dulles this morning, so I’m hopeful it will be waiting for me at home today after work, and then I can begin the long process of reinstalling Windows and all my applications.

I was feeling very tired on Sunday, and went to bed just after 10–an unusually early hour for me–and woke up yesterday morning not feeling particularly well. Jeff told me that he’d decided not to go into work, but I went ahead and got up, thinking I would go. After walking around a few minutes, though, it was clear that I really wasn’t feeling well enough to go to work, so I called in to tell them I’d be staying home, which is just as well since about an hour later I was in the bathroom throwing up.

After that, I spent most of the day just relaxing; with no computer or internet to monopolize my time, I managed to complete two books already in progress as well as start and finish a third, catch up on some TiVo’ed programming, grab a couple of catnaps, play about half an hour of Katamari Damacy on the Playstation, and still get to bed at a reasonably early time.

This morning my stomach’s still feeling a little unsettled, but at lesat I’m not throwing up and I’m well enough to have come to work–it was probably just a short-lived bug we caught over the weekend. Now that I’m here, though, we’re having network and Exchange server problems. It’s always something, isn’t it?

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