my friday

Tomorrow is a vacation day for me, so today is my Friday. And just in time. It’s been such a busy week at work, and today especially, that it feels like it should have been Friday anyway. Today was the only day I didn’t work particularly late, but then again I was in meetings from 10:00 straight through until 4:00, which meant working through lunch, so in a sense I did work late anyway.

On the positive side, I accomplished a great deal, and when I left today knowing I wasn’t coming back in tomorrow, I felt like I really deserved the break and that I’d done a full week’s work regardless. I also was told by my boss that the executive director singled out for praise some work I’d done for her–at night and over the weekend–the previous week, and my boss pointed out to her that I’d even been sick at the time that I managed to pull it off. So I am appreciated, even if it’s not always made so clear.