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Last week I successfully updated my resume, tailoring it more effectively to point out my strengths vis a vis a couple of specific positions in the Bay Area, but my first attempt at a cover letter was much too long and, as was honestly and helpfully pointed out by someone I asked to review it, “a bit too unfocused and anecdotal.” So tonight I take another stab at tightening the prose.

I don’t want to say too much more about these jobs right now, or even specify the company at this point, but I’m feeling at least a little optimistic. I recently met someone who currently works there, and who has been extremely helpful in terms of helping me understand the corporate structure and how and where I might best fit. Even if I don’t end up employed there, I know that I’ve made a great new friend who’ll be out there when we finally do move to the Bay Area.

Originally I had started applying to Bay Area jobs this early–we’d been talking about a second- or third-quarter 2006 move, although at one point we had discussed the possibility of third- or fourth-quarter 2005–primarily because the news that tech-centric jobs are still in relatively short supply in Silicon Valley; I wanted to start feeling out the market and get my name and resume out early, in case it took a year or the better part thereof to land a job. However, submitting applications now means that there’s a better-than-zero possibility that something might turn up sooner than I expected, possibly even much sooner. Jeff and I have begun talking about what that might mean, discussing whether I should hold off a few months, or prepare to move forward. I decided that I need to strike while the iron is hot, and my applications for these jobs are completely serious and honestly intended; I’m prepared to move up the timetable for the move west if necessary.

So, wish me luck. Any of these jobs would be a dream opportunity for me, more perfectly suited, and so incredibly interesting and creative, than I had expected would turn up.

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  1. In the two months that I’ve been here, I’ve sent out 70-odd resumes, and gotten not so much as a “thank you for submitting your resume.”
    Yeah, the economy is just PEACHY.

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