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There have been a few recent changes to the blog. If you’re reading this via any of the RSS or Atom feeds, you’ll already have seen the new Feedburner feed I’m using. That new feed includes the blog entry text, along with spliced-in photos from my Flickr account and quicklinks from my del.icio.us account, for starters.

Related to that, and partly as a consequence of email from a friend who reminded me that not everyone who reads my blog has broadband, and that while she enjoys my pictures, they do tend to negatively impact her ability to download the blog, I’ll no longer be posting every photo I upload to Flickr as a separate blog entry here, except where I may put them in the context of a greater blog entry. If you’re getting the RSS feed, you’ll still see all the individual photos, and if you read the blog itself in the, ahem, old-fashioned way, they’ll still be accessible in the Flickr badge on the main page [update 071405 2036EDT: that is, at least, when the Flickr badge is working again; at the moment, the code from Flickr is broken].

In the same vein, I’ve also decided not to continue to include the quicklinks as separate blog entries, except again where I may have more to say about them. For now, they’ll only appear in the RSS feed, though I’m considering some changes to the blog template that would put them in their own portion of the page, rather than interspersed among my own writing.

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  1. You know, I read this last night, and only now (the next morning) seeing it again did I get the “feed me, seymour” reference. *forages for caffeine*

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