paying a steep price

I just got my first car insurance bill since my accident back in April. In 3626 [thanks to Gene for noticing the error in my math] years of driving I’ve never even gotten a moving violation (update: I just remembered that I did get one ticket a few years ago for turning red on right at an intersection where “no right turn on red” signs were present; the intersection previously had permitted for right turns, and I hadn’t seen the signs, which had only gone up shortly beforehand, but still I did screw up on that one, but I paid for it with a hefty fine) and only two parking tickets, but in the past five years I’ve been involved in two very minor fender benders (though I wasn’t charged in either of them). Jumping at the opportunity, though, GEICO, to whom I’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars in insurance premiums over the last twenty years, though they’ve had to pay out only about $1K in all that time, just raised my insurance rates by $505 annually, an increase of 44%.

Life sucks.

2 thoughts on “paying a steep price

  1. Either your math is wrong or you’ve been lying about your age — if you’ve been driving for 36 years, it seems like you’d be around, say, 51 by now?

  2. Oops, yes, the math is wrong… make that 26 years of driving, though I guess it’s actually closer to 27.

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