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the history of the world my sweet, is who gets eaten and who gets to eat...Yesterday afternoon, Jeff and I drove over to Ballston (in North Arlington, just a couple miles away) for the Signature Theatre’s free summer concert, “Signature Sings Broadway in Ballston.” We think of Signature as “our” theater; it’s physically located in Arlington County, as opposed to downtown in the District, and we’ve seen a number of shows there together. It’s also particularly gay-friendly (even as theaters go), and we like to support it. It also has a reputation for doing great Sondheim, including at least one Sondheim show every season.

all the while singing her light-hearted air... LA la LA la LA la LA la LA...Yesterday, the theater hosted a live outdoor concert featuring six local actors who frequently perform at Signature singing sixteen selections from a variety of Broadway musicals, including (and seen here) “A Little Priest” from Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd and “Agony” from his Into the Woods. It was a beautiful day, and the concert was great fun. Afterwards we walked over to the Ballston Mall, where we’d parked the car, and had margaritas and dinner at Chevy’s.

neither sylvia nor francine really wanted the antique bobble head huladancer, but both were hoping to get the attention of clyde the autioneer, the last single man in shelbyvilleIn addition to these two shots of the performers, and the other shown here of two ladies shielding their eyes from the sun with Woodsy Owl fans, I took a number of photos; the rest can be seen, as I upload them, on my Flickr site under the tag “broadway in ballston”.

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