three short days in the emerald city

In the past, Jeff has joked that he just waits for me to write up our travels, and then all he has to do is link to my posts, adding only what details I’ve forgotten or left out; true to form, I wrote up the primary reports of our April trips to New York and Omaha. This time, however, I decided to step aside graciously (ok, so my World of Warcraft addiction hasn’t helped) and let Jeff document our latest trip, so you can read all about our wonderful (albeit much too short) Seattle sojourn over at Rebel Prince.

A few of my pix from that trip have begun to appear over on my Flickr site (and mirrored here), but you also can keep an eye on my Seattle set, as I’ll be uploading more over the coming days.

We had a really great time; Seattle is on the short list of American cities in which I’d like to live (but more on that in a coming post), and we’re certain to go back regardless. There were a lot of things there I’d still like to show Jeff that we just weren’t able to manage on this go-round. (And given the amazingly salutary effect Seattle had on my libido and affiliated energy levels–what’s the equivalent of “twice” and “thrice” for the number four? and that was just the first 18 hours–I suspect Jeff wouldn’t mind if we visited Seattle often.)