fetchez la vache!

Yay! We’ve got tickets for Monty Python’s Spamalot. It’s the show I’ve most been wanting to see since it opened earlier this year, but we hadn’t been able to get tickets for it the last two times we were in New York as it’s been sold out far in advance. We decided the other day to go ahead and get tickets for sometime in the future–and build a trip around it, rather than the other way around–but soon enough, we hoped, that the original cast–Tim Curry, David Hyde Pierce, and Hank Azaria–would still be performing. We were having difficulty finding decent tickets for the pair of us through the end of the year; Jeff then had the great idea of looking for single tickets, and we found some orchestra seats, just two rows apart (yeah, it’s not ideal, but we’ll just gaze extra hard into each other’s eyes during intermission, to make up for not being able to sit together and hold hands during the show), for the eve of my birthday this summer. So I’ll have a fantastic birthday weekend in New York (kind of like the trip we’re taking to Seattle this coming weekend, when his birthday falls).

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  1. More hither and yon

    Thom has written about our recent travels, so go check it out: New York and Omaha. Most of my New York photos are up on Flickr (day 1, 2, and more to be added to 3); the one shown here…

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